Writer, Poet, Scholar &
Accomplished Classical Pianist


An accomplished classical pianist, poet and novelist, 19-year-old Noni Carter has always cherished the history, values and life lessons of her ancestors. She channeled this energy into her Award Winning debut novel, GOOD FORTUNE.

During Noni’s journey of writing and researching this novel, another one of her passions surfaced – educating youth. The impetus behind GOOD FORTUNE’s inception expanded to one of cultivating youths’ knowledge of their heritage in order to motivate them to educate themselves, and to develop the fortitude to pursue and accomplish their goals in life. With the novel as a platform, this effort has now blossomed into an educational movement that is exciting and inspiring parents, educators, youth and adults all over the country – THE NONI CARTER EXPERIENCE - a personal and educational experience which engages and empowers youth, the community and audiences of all ages through focus on educational excellence and motivation to achieve dreams.

This novel and its movement is not the first significant achievement for her, and as she is esteemed by many as a “Once in a lifetime young inspiration”.



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