Good Fortune

By Noni Carter (published by Simon & Schuster)


Good Fortune is an inspiring story of an African-American slave girl in the early 19th century. Brutally kidnapped from her African village and shipped to America, Ayanna Bahati struggles to come to terms with her new life as she grows up as a slave in a new world. Rising from the cotton fields to her master’s house, Ayanna is threatened by the increasingly dangerous world of the plantation. Risking everything, she escapes and makes her way north to freedom and an education, but can she shed the chains of her harrowing past to live the life she has longed for? She struggles with the concept of emancipation verses freedom, praying for miracles to manifest in her life, and finally understanding the importance of her homeland, engrained into her soul through her name: BAHATI, or Good Fortune.


A stirring debut novel from a young talent, Good Fortune traces one girls’ journey from slavery to liberation, and details how she finds her true self

along the way. Through this account of Ayanna’s journey through

slavery; through her dreams of honest freedom; through her

aspirations;  and through her love, sorrow, pain, and joy,

readers will find that Good Fortune will inspire and

stimulate many to keep the memory of these

ancestors alive.