The Story Behind The STORY

Thoughts about my family history, causes my memory to race back to the heartfelt story of my great, great, great grandmother, Rose Caldwell. Her story, retold to me by my Great Aunt, instilled inside of my soul (some where between the ages of ten and twelve) a desire to create a tale that would speak to the spirit and endurance of a young enslaved woman. I sought to share a story that would speak to the hearts and minds of my ancestors whose lives were rooted in the institution slavery.

Before I even really knew I wanted to write a book, I listened to stories about, read accounts of and researched the lives of my ancestors, before and during slavery, trying to place my soul into a place and time as real as any true narrative from the past. Once I decided to put what was in my heart to paper, I immersed myself further into this newly acquired awareness in order to create a character that was fictional, real, and substantial. My goal with this story was, and still is, to paint a picture for today’s’ youth, and those young at heart, of a past that should not be forgotten. I also wish to simultaneously release the invisible chains that are a by-product of the past and undoubtedly still exist in society today. 

One of my main motivations for writing Good Fortune was my genuine love for and greater desire to learn about my history. For a long time there has been a passion instilled within me not only to teach those who read the book, but to inspire them to thirst for knowledge on their own.At times, I find myself hankering for changes that could possibly alter the past for the better. However, this is impossible; we can merely take what was and walk forward with it, understanding the lessons, forgiving, and doing our best to change the situations that mirror what our ancestors had to go through.

It is your responsibility, as the reader, to take with you the image of these people as well as those of other cultures who have also experienced such atrocities. I leave you with a challenge, and hope that you embrace an appreciation for humanity and its countless dimensions. I challenge            you to become one of the many benefactors of the beautiful idea                   of change, and to use your talents and gifts to stimulate haling                    and a world-wide movement towards love.

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