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Using Outside Resources

  • Write responses to Frederick Douglas’s What to the Slave is the Fourth of July speech, using instances in the book to support viewpoints.
  • With the class, find the key points in Dr. Martin Luther King’s I Have A Dream Speech. Discuss Anna’s dream and how it ties in with some of Dr. King’s key points. As a project, have students write their own I Have A Dream speeches.
  • Trace early African American literary writers, and create a mini-biography book of them. And write a book of mini-biographies on each.
  • Pick a theme or question such as “what is freedom?” and have students respond to the question in the words of historical black writers who tackled this particular theme or question. (Research involved- high school).
  • Using knowledge and research of the slave trade, (the triangular trade), speculate or create a project on where Anna comes from. As a creative activity, trace her roots back to a country, the path she took across the middle passage, and share why you came up with this background. (This could be presented in paper form, as a poem, a short skit, or students may want to take on the role of “reporter”.

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