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Part One

  1. Share ways in which slaves “secretly” communicated between themselves.
  2. There were two brief scenes that examined what went on at an auction block. Explain the role of the auction block. How do you think this affected families overall?
  3. What role do the flashbacks play in the story? What do they tell us about Anna’s past?
  4. Compare and contrast some of the differences between a field hand and a house slave. If time permits, research other types of roles slaves fulfilled on a plantation in the south.
  5. Why was Master Jeffrey such a huge threat to Anna, and other females on the plantation? How do you think this legacy of “rape” plays into the psychological state of mind of slaves- both males and females? For example, what affects did the haunting presence of Master Jeffrey play on John?
  6. Critical thinking: We heard story Uncle tell a story about a woman who took benefits from her Master’s wife. Talk about the different reactions slaves may have had towards their plight. (think of the stance of those who were made to believe they deserved to be slaves, or those who gave up hope, etc.)
  7. Consider the role of Christianity in the book. How did slave masters utilize this religion? What role did it play in Anna’s life?

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