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Part Three

  1. In part three, Daniel and Anna reach Ohio. What were they required to do as free blacks in the state? What does this say about racial attitudes in the free state of Ohio during that time period? http://www.slavenorth.com/ohio.htm
  2. What sorts of obstacles did Daniel and Anna face in freedom? (Examples: It was difficult for Daniel to find a job, etc.)
  3. What dream continued to burn in Anna’s heart? What upset her when she reached freedom? How did she go about trying to achieve that dream?
  4. What is Mrs. Rosa’s background? She mentions two African American poets, Phyllis Wheatley and Jupiter Hammond. What role did these poets play in African American history?
  5. Caldwell, though he looks like a white man, is, by law, black. Discuss the one- drop-rule, and the role light skinned people of color played in society. Depending on level of class, you may want to look into concepts such as the notion of “passing”, the brown paper bag rule, the “tragic mulatto”, stories such as Charles Chestnutt’s the Wife of My Youth, etc.
  6. What kind of work does the book suggest Caldwell did, and why was he killed?
  7. In receiving an education, Anna felt that it was important, or necessary to give back her gifts to the community. Why do you think this was so?

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