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Part Two

  1. What events and aspects of Anna’s character kept her alive during her escape?
  2. Examine the presence of Native Americans in the book. It would be interesting to look at what role they played in slavery (from those who helped slaves reach freedom to those who owned slaves themselves).
  3. In a broader sense, research the likelihood of slaves reaching north. Anna and Daniel escaped prior to the birth of the Underground Railroad. What factors were involved with helping them reach freedom? For broader research, examine the number of slaves that ran north versus those that chose to run south!
  4. What incentives did Anna have to keep going when she felt she could no longer move any further? How did the presence of “ancestors” and the thoughts of her family assist her as she ran? Cite sources.
  5. Anna is both aided and turned away by several people on her journey North. Discuss the different interactions she has as she makes her way North.
  6. Discuss Tucker’s capture and contemplate what might have happened had he lived through this capture.
  7. How was the theme of family, friendship, and community present in this part of the story?

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