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The Three E’s: Emancipation, Education, & Earnestness


Examine what freedom means in our society today. Students may explore many different aspects of freedom, from personal freedoms to human rights. Specifically, personal freedom is a very important theme for young people when it comes to making “smart” decisions, avoiding peer pressure, and believing in oneself. Through emancipation, this generation will be able to confront the pressures and crisis of the world fluidly, creatively, and with confidence and love. We as young people are powerful, and have the opportunity to take charge of our lives, and make a change in this world.


Education implies academic excellence, something that I encourage all students to aim towards. Education is the arena in our lives where consistent effort will take us to the next height, where failure only means that we must find another angle, problem solve, keep working until we figure it out, keep digging until we uncover the answers. I push students to ponder the value and significance in education today. Why is it important? President Obama states, “No one’s written your destiny, you make your own future”. Have students explore what these words mean to them. (President Barack Obama’s Back To School speeches are good references for this “E”.)


Earnestness is seriousness in intention, purpose, or effort; being sincerely zealous about what one loves to do. Help students find their passions, and find ways of letting them bring these out in healthy manners within the academic setting. Push the importance of perseverance, of determination, and of tackling daunting aspects of their dreams until these come into fruition. Emphasize the power of practice, practice, and more practice! Encourage students to be truly honest with themselves from schoolwork to personal matters. Provide platforms that will allow them to believe in themselves, and build self-confidence.

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