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Bonus! Two More E's! Expression, Excellence


Share with students the power of expression! Support creativity! We are not meant to be “cookie-cutters” of each other, losing ourselves in the influences and people around us. To students: there is no other out there that can do what you do, who can be who you are, who will make the unique impact you are destined to make. Believe in yourself, and you will find that from this belief in self, true expression emerges.



In striving towards excellence, I encourage students to recognize the power that they have within, acknowledge it in the hearts and minds of others, apply that power and inner intelligence in every circumstance in their lives, and use it to make this world a better place. To students: it is important not to run from challenges, to raise the bar and create high expectations inside of yourself whether or not the world around you is challenging and supporting you as you pursue your dreams. Excellence is not in doing things right all of the time; rather, excellence comes from knowing that you will put in your very best effort, regardless of if things go your way or not. Excellence is, as Mahatma Ghandi stated, about being the change we wish to see in the world. It lies, most importantly, in taking the gifts we have and giving back to the world. This is power and it lies, waiting, within us all!

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