7 – A Stop in the Netherlands

Project Kenya
Posted on Apr 27 2012
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Amsterdam: Seven Key Lessons Learned:


1.     If it’s early enough in the morning when the city is still shrouded in darkness, nobody will be present on the trains to check to see if you bought a ticket, so…..…just saying! (Let’s be clear, we did buy tickets…)


2.     When the sun just begins to sneak into the sky, and you are thirsty for a cup of coffee, make sure you know the difference between a coffee shop and a café.


3.     Never pass up the opportunity to visit two very moving museums- Van Gogh and Anne Frank House.


4.     If you stop and stare at the leaning buildings (very neat and “funky” architecture) and snap photos of shops in the Red Light District, you certainly are a tourist.


5.     When you reach out with friendliness to others, they tend to return it (thank you to a wonderful taxi driver!)


6.     It doesn’t matter where you travel with Ashley Bryan, he will always have a poem for everything ready at the tip of his tongue…


7.     And lastly: it is possible to have a fabulous experience in Amsterdam in just 4 ½ hours. So try it sometime