These words are dedicated to sisters who desperately

seek love, comfort, and security;

 Using themselves as instruments of enticement 

and seduction.

Only to find themselves, once again, embedded with the

pain of emptiness from another “Great Lay.”

Entertaining the rhetorical question, 

“I ran him away?”

Devising a solution to make the “Next One” 



Apple Bottoms and Baby Phat, you’re so much more than that.

36C, 38DD a dimepiece does not make.

A true man delves beneath the surface to search

  the inner most parts;

The hidden treasures that determines a true

woman’s heart.

A woman is Capable of standing and investing

intimately without physical revelation.

Her very essence requires a subtle approach;

An exploration to the contrary-

A “going against the grain,” if you will.


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