FebSpotlight 2  

Yes it’s the loud voice that overwhelms you-screams at you,

“The way to a man’s heart is by the removal of your pants;           

                                the lifting of your shirt.”                          

 So you are reduced to an orgasm and measured

by the same;

While that which lies beneath remains untouched;


 Sweet jewels of life, love, and wisdom

left unexplored.


 The small still voice left unanswered.

 Yes we are living in a material world, but it doesn’t mean

you have to be a material girl.

 How cliche’ but true; it doesn’t have to define you.

From implants to fingernails, from the short and nappy,

to the long and sassy;

From dark brown eyes to ultra blue-

Who are you?

These fallacies don’t define you, they only

hide you and deny you.

Hide you from the world and deny you from the freedom to  express

the trueness of  who you are-my sister

  Burlap bag or tattered rags-cocktail dresses or long silky tresses;

you are my sister.


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