Man finds himself amazed, even in a daze               Feb

                                from your hidden treasures displayed.              Spotlight 3

 He embraces that which you’re yet to see -

the Triune woman - mind,  body and spirit.

 He yearns to drink from cisterns of living

waters that yet go untapped.

 He desires to eat the bread served from your table

 Bread that nurtures him;

bread that creates a hunger that is insatiable.

This is where intimacy is found;

Where the daydreams begin and never end;

Where the physical is the culmination of all things spiritual.

Where mirages become miracles,

and that which was lost is found. 

 You are a sacred vessel. 

God’s Daughter. 

His Princess. 

His gift to the world!

From you comes light and so much more.

  Celebrate and rejoice! 

You have been revealed. 

You have been exposed.

You are blessed and highly favored.

                    A Supermodel-modeling the Glory of God!

                         Let me see You…..Let me see You 

 By Robert Bell

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