The Noni Carter Experience

The Noni Carter Experience serves as a platform for my travel with my “5 E’s: Emancipation, Educaton, Earnestness, Expression, & Excellence” to shcools around the country and around the world, sharing the importance of hard work and striving towards dreams. It includes speaking engagements and writting and poetry workshops. 

                    THE NONI CARTER EXPERIENCE and "SPEAK"

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Your Role:                                                                                              

One key piece of this "Experience" is the fact that I cannot do this alone- I need your help! In your communities and organizations that you are involved with, help me share a sense of dreaming big, reaching high, and what I like to call individual agency- the drive to go out and create your own future by being authentic, educating yourself in the pursuits that stir your heart and spirit, and taking charge of your life. Reach back to your community and make whatever difference that you can make- large or small. And of course, shine on.


Theta Lambda Lambda Chapter of

 Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc.